Technology Committee

The purpose of the Technology committee is to support the technological needs of Area 27 AA Groups, Districts, and Committees, assist with the technological aspects of Area Assemblies, and maintain the Area 27 website. 


The Purpose of the Technology Committee

  • Support the technological needs of Area 27 Groups, Districts, and Committees
  • Assist with the technological aspects of Area Assemblies
  • Maintain the Area 27 website,

Supporting the Area

The Technology Committee may be called upon to help with the technology needs of the area and assembly. The Technology Committee is available to answer tech questions via email at Some answers to previous questions can be found on the Web & Tech Resources page. The Committee may be asked to explore solutions to tech problems, online anonymity concerns, implementing new technologies, or purchasing tech equipment for the Area.

Area Assembly

The Technology Committee assists in overseeing the Zoom component of area assemblies by monitoring the zoom room for raised hands, ensuring users are muted when not speaking, implementing breakout rooms for committee meetings, and creating and launching polls for voting. Basic audio/visual assistance may be required such as overseeing the floor microphone and pointing the webcam.

The Area 27 Website

The purpose of our website is to assist Alcoholics Anonymous groups of Louisiana in carrying the message of Alcoholics Anonymous, primarily by publishing information regarding Area Assemblies, Area Committees, and Area Events. We also provide information about Alcoholics Anonymous and General Service. Our goal is to help the still-suffering alcoholic establish direct, face-to-face contact with Alcoholics Anonymous. Towards that end, we may also publish certain other information, such as links to Central Offices and the Meeting Guide App. If you have any feedback or suggestions about the website, please email us or use the form below to let us know. 

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