Does your group have a voice in AA?

Louisiana Area 27 Assembly Info


What is an area?

“An area may be part of a state or province, or all of it, or may include parts of more than one state or province, depending on the size and needs of the AA population. In any case, the area holds an important middle position in the Conference structure–through the elected delegate, it participates in AA worldwide, while through the DCMs and GSRs, it is close to the local scene.” – Service Manual,page S36


What is an area assembly?

“Any meetings of area GSRs and the area committee (all DCMs, area officers, and chairs of area service committees) is an assembly. The area assembly is the mainspring of the Conference structure–the democratic voice of the movement expressing itself… assembly meetings consider a variety of issues, from General Service Conference business to area problems and solutions and financial affairs, while sharing sessions, public information programs, workshops, and video programs keep AA strong and participation in service growing.” – Service Manual, page S36


What happens at area assembly?

Area 27 currently holds a two-day assembly once a quarter. A typical schedule includes: area committee meeting, GSR and DCM orientation/sharing sessions, area service committee meetings, workshops, district reports, AA speaker, AA meeting, agenda discussion, officer and area service committee reports, business meeting, and agenda meeting.

Special events during assembly include: the first assembly of odd-numbered years is when the newly elected area officers and newly-appointed area service committee chairs begin their rotation; the second assembly each year is the Pre-Conference Assembly (PCA)/mini mock-Conference where members discuss the upcoming General Service Conference agenda items to help inform the delegate of the area conscience on matters affecting AA; the third assembly each year is when the delegate reports back to the area the results of the Conference; the fourth assembly of odd-numbered years is when the area takes its inventory to discuss ways in which the area can improve; the third assembly of even-numbered years is an election assembly to elect area officers: delegate, alternate delegate, chairperson, alternate chairperson, secretary and treasurer; the fourth assembly of even-numbered years is when the slate of newly-appointed area service committee chairs are announced for approval by the assembly.


Who can attend and who votes?

Any member of AA can attend and participate in meetings and discussion during an Area 27 assembly. GSRs, DCMs, area officers, chairs of area service committees, and past delegates have a vote at Area 27 assemblies. Alternates only vote when the GSR or DCM is not in attendance.


How is assembly funded and why?

The Area 27 budget is funded only by your group’s contributions. The budget covers assembly expenses, area service committee and area officer expenses, maintenance of group records, an archives repository, necessary literature, copies, and displays. All of this help organize, facilitate, and provide shared experience of the work done around the state of Louisiana to carry the message. Permanent address for contributions:

7350 Jefferson Hwy, Suite 485-179
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

(please include district and group number and name).